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Foreign trade salesman
1, men and women are not limited;
2, full-time college education, CET-4 and above, fluent in spoken English;
3, more than one year of foreign trade work experience, can independently complete the entire foreign trade operations;
4, with independent development of the market and customer capacity, successful development of new customer experience;
5, has Alibaba, overseas e-commerce sales experience priority;
6, according to their respective responsible areas to develop sales plans and achieve sales goals.
Base salary (4500-6000) yuan /month plus commission sales, after the sales target will have a pay rise opportunity.
The company has pre-job training, there will be a person to lead, there is product training.

Introduction to company benefits and benefits
Once hired, to provide competitive and generous remuneration in the industry, while providing a broad career development promotion channel;
Five risks and one gold: in strict accordance with the requirements of the Shenzhen Municipal Labor Security Department, the entry is for employees to buy old-age, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance, housing provident fund;
Rest and vacation: five-day work (double-holiday);
Working hours: Flexible working (08:00-17:00, 08:30-17:30, 09:00-18:00, 09:30-18:30).
Various types of awards: according to the company's business development needs, the establishment of long-term service awards, lifetime honor stakes, rationalization proposals and other incentive awards;
Training: the company for outstanding performance of employees to provide professional training platform, foreign training and overseas further education opportunities;
Collective activities: the company regularly organizes various types of entertainment, tourism activities.
Interested parties please send your resume to:, or the telephone contact force resources department: 0755-86021389 turn 824, Miss Wang.
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